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Pharmercy Hard Enamel Pin

Pharmercy Hard Enamel Pin

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⭐1.5 inch

⭐ Hard Enamel Pin

⭐ Matte Gold Metal Plated

This listing is for a hard enamel pin! The design was made by me using procreate for iPad, and made by my manufacturer’s in New York. All pins are inspected and graded by me as soon as they arrive - and they each come on a backing card wrapped in cellophane to keep them safe during their travels! 


This particular pin was made as part of my first successful Kickstarter! I still have a bunch of leftover pins from that project listed here! Check out the Angel Healer Collection for more!

See below for grading details!

 A Grade: The most common grade, and the most visually perfect! The pin posts are strong and stable, and there are no flaws in the enamel. These pins cost the most, as they are the best looking!
 B Grade: Also known as “Seconds” pins, these pins may have slight visible flaws or unstable pin posts. Posts will only have the slightest wiggle. The flaws in the enamel will be minimal, and won’t be noticeable from a distance. These are ideal for wall displays where they won’t move a lot. These pins are listed at a slight discount because of the small flaws. B GRADE PINS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR A RETURN/REFUND DUE TO THE NATURE OF THE PRODUCT!
 C Grade:  The lowest tier pins, these may have significant visible flaws, or very unstable pin posts. These pins are listed at a STEEP discount because of the obvious flaws. C GRADE PINS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR A RETURN/REFUND DUE TO THE NATURE OF THE PRODUCT!
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