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Corroded Coffin Lanyard

Corroded Coffin Lanyard

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⭐ 2cm wide

⭐ 90cm Long

⭐ Swivel Clasp

⭐ Metal binding

This is most definitely a soft use lanyard, any significant weight on the clip will cause problems.

See below for grading details!

A Grade: The highest quality lanyards that I received from the manu! The ones shown in the main photo of the listing!
B Grade: The less nice ones! 
C Grade: I don't know why you would buy these, but if you need a really cheap lanyard! 

The blue around the metal binding you see in the photos is protective plastic. I leave it on when I ship them, it peels right off!

Lanyards broken on arrival can be replaced, lanyards broken through use cannot be refunded!

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